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Condominium Concerns

Water leaks are one of the leading causes of homeowners' insurance claims. 


Leaks can occur on every level of your condominium from the penthouse to the ground floor common areas. Oftentimes they begin at your washing machine, water heater, toilets, sewer/sump pump, refrigerator, dishwasher, sinks, showers, HVAC system, and (more insidiously) when pipes start leaking in the walls. This makes water damage something most homeowners will experience in their lifetime.

Single unit water damage is troublesome enough - in a condominium environment, adjacent units and even units several levels below can be adversely affected.


Stopping the flow of water immediately

is the key to miinimizing the extent of the damage.

Our AKWA Technologies system does this for you automatically 24/7/365 whether you

are at home or not, minimizing the damage caused and in many cases

preventing the disaster that would follow.

Forbes Water Damage

"If you’re a homeowner, water is one of the biggest threats to your house and personal belongings​.

Water damage  is one of the most common and most costly types of homeowners insurance claims."


Old pipes

Supply lines to toilets, sinks, wet       bars & ice makers

Water heater failure

Plumbing fixtures overflowing

Faulty construction

Plumbing & appliance failure

Flood damage

Hydrostatic (pressure issues)

From a COA Attorney

"Many of my older properties use... water detection devices that wirelessly notify the office if a leak is detected ...

 these absolutely CAN & DO avoid major catastrophes"

Once a leak begins, time works against you. The longer water continues

to run into your home/building the more damage it causes, the more costly

the cleanup and the longer the process of remediation.

In a condominium and multi family building setting, this is magnified by the

increased likelihood it will impact other units and common areas.

This is especially true in multi story / hi rise structures where gravity joins time as the enemy.

Time is Money!


for Condominiums

Residential, multi-residential and commercial automated centralized management

for owners, property managers, building owners etc.

  • AKWA Concierge* is a web application which allows you to see and manage all the leak detection sensors throughout your property.

  • An easy way to supervise and avoid expensive water damages.

  • Reports can be generated for the number of alarms signaled, water leaks, etc.

  • With the LoRa technology (low frequency, high range) we are able to offer an independent reliable wireless signal with a 4 mile range.

  • This is ideal for ensuring the continuity of the system without relying on the Wi-Fi network of the co-owners or tenants.

  • Owners as well as Property Managers can receive alerts - ideal for absentee residents / snow birds.

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